About Joe Pool


My family and I moved to Hays County in 1994 and have enjoyed living here. I have practiced civil and criminal law in Hays County for more than 20 years. 

I am qualified and have practiced in three federal courts, in Texas Courts of Appeal and in the Texas Supreme Court. I have run two successful businesses, one in real estate and one in energy. I served as General Counsel for the Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation for 5 years.

I have seen and felt the pain of judicial activism committed by politicians serving as judges. I realized the only way judges were meant to be elected is if Article 1 Section 15 of the Texas Constitution is preserved, protected and defendedd: “The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate.”  I have fought judicial activists for the last 20 years who have tried to diminish your right to a jury trial. I have an election law background and am currently trying to restore democratically controlled elections to members of co-operative associations in Texas and other states.

Joe Pool